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Honda CB360 YOSHIMURA kitted Road Racer

This bike is purpose built for period racing utilising a CB360 Honda twin. Standard 65mm bore taken out to 71mm using YOSHIMURA 450 Honda 11:1 pistons.

List of bits'n'pieces: Dry clutch, YOSHIMURA pistons, TIGHE cam, DYNA ignition, polished conrods, ported & polished head, s/steel valve & h/d springs, brass guides, lightened  & polished rocker arms, straight cut primary gears, custom frame re-jigged by EMU Engineering, Ducati Brembo calipers, Marzocchi forks, Speedline 5 spoke 18" wheels, K&N air filters, 32mm Dellorto carbs, Aircraft style filler cap, TAIYOGIKEN tank overflow valve, Oil cooler with braided lines, alloy rear sets, steering damper, 2 into 1 megaphone, race fibreglass. Honda power with Ducati handling.

Went around Lakeside Raceway in 67s. Bike has run 14.1 second standing start 1/4 mile at 93mph with race gearing. Variously eligible for Australian Forgotten Era, Formula 3, Thunderbikes. Bike is now retired from racing duty.

John Miller


CB 360 RR Specifications


71mm CB450 11:1 pistons

Polished conrods

Ported and polished head

S/Steel valves with H/D springs

Brass valve guides

Tighe 405 camshaft - 245 degrees with .345" lift

Lightened and polished rocker arms

Straight cut primary drive

Dry clutch conversion

Oil cooler with braided lines

2 into 1 extractors


Custom Chrome Molly

Jigged and tracked by Emu Engineering

Twin Mulholland shocks

Alloy rear sets

Steering damper

Running Gear:

Ducati Marzocchi 35mm forks and clamps

Duacti Speedline 18" mag wheels

3 x Brembo discs

Aluminium rear sproket and 520 chain

Bridgstone tyres


CB360 points with Dyna ignition booster

Platinum plugs

12 volt total loss


2 x 32mm Delorto - Main jet 122, Start jet 75, Needle and seat 250, Idle jet 60, Atomiser AB265, Pump jet 50, Needle K6, Slide 70, Float height 19 mm.

Page last updated: 03 September, 2003